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Susan B. Anthony, pioneer leader for women's rights, lived in this house from 1866 until her death in 1906. When she was not crisscrossing the county campaigning for woman suffrage, she was here, writing and organizing.

It was in this red brick house, shared with her sister Mary, that Anthony was arrested for voting in 1872. Here, in the parlor, she met and planned with famous reformers Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Frederick Douglass. In the third floor attic "workroom" Anthony helped write the monumental History of Woman Suffrage.

The house was built before the Civil War and is distinguished by an ornamental wood entrance porch and a shingled front gable with an oriel window. It is filled with memorabilia, and the stuffed Victorian furniture of its early, determined occupants. The collection in the Museum Room on the second floor portrays the events of the woman suffrage movement.


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